Pine Lawn police chief, acting mayor stay mum on topic of secret meeting

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PINE LAWN, MO (KTVI) - Uncertainty over the future of the Pine Lawn Police Department continues to raise concerns in the small town.

The acting mayor and the police chief met in a closed meeting at city hall Friday and both are reassuring residents that everything is fine.

In recent weeks, the Pine Lawn City Council heard presentations from both the St. Louis County Police Department and the North County Police Cooperative about taking over the Pine Lawn Police Department. Residents are worried they may soon lose their local police department.

However, both Alderwoman Rosalyn Halk and Pine Lawn Police Chief Maurice Brown deny that was the topic of conversation at Friday’s closed-door meeting.

“I just got a call from another board member and asked me to meet him up here, Alderman Wright, so I’m gonna get in here and see what’s going on,” Halk said.

Chief Brown said the meeting was just to clear up minor personnel issues and had nothing to do with getting rid of or replacing anyone.

“The mayor wanted to make sure our cars was running properly and things of that nature,” Brown said.

When asked if he thinks the city has the money to keep the police vehicle up to date, the chief said, “The things that need to be fixed, yeah we do have the money to get it fixed.”

Pine Lawn City Attorney Donnell Smith even went so far as to say the gathering wasn’t even a meeting, and it was just “an opportunity for the mayor to talk to the chief.”

“It had nothing to do with the future of the police department,” he said.

Acting Mayor Olimes Underwood said all meetings are posted on a public board and that there was nothing secretive about Friday’s get together.

Meanwhile, the North County Police Cooperative and St. Louis County Police Department said they’ve heard nothing from Pine Lawn leadership since they made their presentations to the city council.