Man wants to thank stranger that saved him from fiery crash

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A Kansas City man is looking for his guardian angel after a fiery car crash.

He says the woman saved his life by pulling him out of a burning car and now wants to say thank-you.

Flames scorched this SUV. But the fire started on the road with Brian Orlich behind the wheel.

Brian Orlich/Car Caught On Fire: “I had no inkling that there was a fire”.

Orlich drove over a mattress that was lying in the middle of a Kansas City interstate.

He says the mattress coils latched onto the fuel line of the vehicle and started a fire

Brian Orlich/Car Caught On Fire: “I thought it was a small bump, whatever. I saw feathers flying in the back and I said no big deal”.

He drove for nearly 10 minutes before a woman driving right behind him got his attention to pull over. She ran over to Orlich and yelled.

Brian Orlich/Car Caught On Fire: “Hey get out, you need to get out”.

Orlich says he saw the flames while inside the car, but was frozen with fear. The woman opened the door and dragged him out. That`s when he says the fire consumed his SUV.

Before Orlich could say thank you, the woman was gone. Now Orlich hopes to find the person who he calls his guardian angel to properly thank her for saving his life.

A police officer later told the victim he had already been in the area after someone reported seeing the mattress on the road.