Restaurant refuses service to solider with gun

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NICHOLASVILLE, IN – A social media post about an armed soldier refused service at a Nicholasville restaurant has gone viral. Billy Welch says he was told to leave his gun in his vehicle or he wouldn’t be served.

As always, Billy Welch has his gun holstered to his side. The Army National Guard soldier says it’s all about safety. That’s why Welch says what happened, Sunday caught him by surprise.

Welch says he stopped at the Nicholasville Waffle House at 1:30am wearing his military uniform with his gun was by his side. The soldier says he didn’t think too much of it until he started hearing from people and organizations, all over the country.

WLEX-TV reports that Micaela Shaw was sitting in a booth nearby. She posted the details to Facebook. Her posts went viral and, Welch says he’s grateful for the support.

The Waffle House has issued a statement from the owner reads in-part:

“For many years we have had a “No Firearms” policy in place in our restaurants. We continue to believe this is the best policy for the safety of our customers and associates.”

Customers have been leaving negative reviews on the restaurant’s Facebook page: