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Even far away, St. Louis could be impacted by Hurricane Joaquin

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)- As Hurricane Joaquin continues to batter the Bahamas, there are still lots of questions about its impacts on the United States. And even far from the East Coast, St. Louis could be impacted.

Forecast models continue to indicate that Hurricane Joaquin will stay offshore of the United States East Coast but strong onshore winds could lead to coastal flooding and heavy rain from the Carolinas to the Mid-Atlantic states.

That will also keep a wet weather pattern that has been spinning over the southeast U.S. stuck in place. Heavy rains as far west as Atlanta could lead to trouble for travelers to busy eastern U.S. airports, backing up flights across the country.

On Friday, only four departing flights and four arrivals were cancelled for East Coast flights from Lambert Airport. Those were coming or going to Philly, Washington, D.C., and Raleigh. There were several delays. More trouble is likely this weekend, so check with your carrier before you head to the airport.

The Red Cross of St. Louis has been put on alert to get volunteers ready to travel to help potential flood victims. Once the local Red Cross gets the call, volunteers have just four hours to deploy in emergency response vehicles. Their exact destination all has to do with where Joaquin goes.

Chris Harmon, Regional Disaster Officer for the St. Louis chapter of the Red Cross, says, "When we make that phone call, we know that they're going to be here in four hours, with their bags packed. What were doing...we'll hand them directions, this is where you're going to report. It could be Florida to just depends."

The emergency vehicles will be loaded with just the most basic supplies. Volunteers will pick up additional supplies closer to the hardest hit areas.

One other thing to mention, the Cardinals are playing in Atlanta this weekend to finish up the regular season against the Braves. With heavy rain expected, the status of those games will be in question.