Fashion ideas for a trip to the winery

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)- If you're planning a trip to the wineries anytime soon you know you've got to be comfy.

Amber Westerson from Chesterfield Mall talks winery fashions and how the weather can play trips on us.

Fashion tips:

Feel Good Footwear - leave the high heels at home and opt for  a chunky, sturdy heel or embrace the latest sneaker chic trend and wear trainers. You`ll likely be trekking through gravel, on grass and standing.

Layer it Up- A hot afternoon can quickly turn into a very cool evening. Stay comfy by layering a tee, tank or shell as a base under a sweater or jacket.

When in Doubt - Denim! Skirts, dresses, and shorts are all acceptable to wear wine tasting but if you`re not sure, always default to denim. The wine country is a casual place. You can pretty much wear denim anywhere and no one would bat an eye. Jeans are always in style, easy to coordinate, and simple to dress up.

Keep it Simple- Don`t wear a complicated outfit. Dealing with extra buttons, fussy straps, itchy fabrics, ties, laces and the like is not how you want to spend your day in the wine country. Wear clothes that you know are comfortable and low maintenance so you can focus on wine, wineries and fun!

Make it Dressy- Finding that sweet spot between comfort and style is not always easy. But it can be if you focus on accessories. Take that simple, unfussy outfit and amp up its dressiness with a stylish scarf, statement necklace, cool belt or fabulous pair of earrings.

Skip the Lipstick and Perfume- A shadowy rim of lipstick on a wineglass is unappealing at best, and perfume can interfere with your full sensory experience when enjoying a sip.

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