Repeat offender getting out of jail outrages victim

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – After racking up at least 20 felony convictions since 2009, including one for unlawful use of a firearm and 17 for a series of home burglaries just this summer, a St. Louis man is out of jail.  He may never have to go back.

At least one of his suspected victims is outraged.

From late March through Mid-May authorities say Hassen Mohammad, 26, terrorized South St. Louis residents.

He pleaded guilty in 8 burglaries and was a suspect in more.

Mohammad admitted he likely committed those too but couldn’t remember because he was high on heroin, authorities said.

“They dusted for fingerprints.  He must have been wearing gloves or something,” Cory Eichorn said.

Mohammad is a suspect in a March burglary at Eichorn’s home.

Eichorn came home in March to find his TV barely hanging from the wall and about $4,000 worth of items stolen or damaged.

He couldn’t put a price on some of those items.

“He smashed my son’s piggy bank that he got when he was born all for $5.  The rest of the stuff is pretty easily replaced with insurance and things like that.  But it’s pretty upsetting when you come home and your wife’s pillow cases are missing.  He touched our bed,” Eichorn lamented.

Days later there was a burglary in the 5000 block of Landsdowne.  More followed.  Most of them were nearby.   There was one on Oleatha.  Finally, May 12th on Pernod, Mohammad was caught in the act, police said.

Police found stolen items in his car.  Eichorn’s wife’s high school graduation ring was in the cup holder, Eichorn said.

Mohammad pleaded guilty to 23 counts, 17 of them felonies, in 8 burglary cases.

Judge Rochelle Woodiest accepted him into St. Louis’s Drug Court in lieu of 12 years in prison, even though the prosecution opposed it.

“It’s a very intense program,” said Mohammad’s attorney, Peter Cohen.  “Quite frankly a lot of clients don’t want to do it because it’s very easy to wash out or get kicked out of the program because there’s very little tolerance. “

Mohammad was stealing to feed a heroin addiction, Cohen said. He must complete drug treatment and job training programs plus submit to drug testing.  He’s not allowed to go near his victims’ houses, Cohen said.   “He’s sort of at the end of a very long rope.  He’s had a lot of opportunity.  If not, the judge made it very clear at the court hearing that he’s going to get 20 years if he does not succeed in the drug court.”

“What I don’t understand is he’s out on the streets right now, trying to complete drug court.  Why can’t he do that behind barbed wire?  Why is he allowed out on the street?  Why is he living within minutes of my house?” Eichorn wondered.

As part of the deal, Mohammad has to pay back his victims, Cohen said.  Even if he completes drug treatment, job training, and passes repeated drug tests, he gets 20 years in prison if he fails to make restitution, Cohen said.

record is outrage that 26-yer-old Hassen Mohammad is free Tuesday night.  Mohammad is suspected of committing at least 8 burglaries in 2015, and may be skirting justice.

Mohammad just got out of jail, after being accepted into St. Louis Drug Court; this after preying upon South St. Louis residents.

As part of his deal to get out of jail, Mohammad has to pay back his victims.  Even if he completes the drug court:  the treatment, the drug testing, job training, and everything else, if he fails to make restitution, he will have to do 20 years in prison.

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