Oregon college shooting victim survived by playing dead

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Roseburg, OR (KPTV) – A Roseburg college shooting victim survived by playing dead, her family said.

Ana Boylan’s grandmother did not want us to identify her by name, but she has been by Ana’s side through her recovery.

Ana was shot in her English classroom during the massacre at Umpqua Community College last week.

“She told us that they were all ordered to lie on the floor and then he shot almost everybody,” Ana’s grandmother said. “Everyone was getting shot and then they were getting called upon to stand up and then they were being asked if they were a Christian. If they said they were a Christian, then he shot them more.”

Ana’s grandmother says she was hurt badly, but is still alive.

“Then, he started asking them to stand up and she just laid there like she was dead,” she said.

Playing dead ended up saving Ana’s life.

“He asked about her and said ‘Is she still with us? Is that blonde girl still with us?’ And, somebody said, “No,” Ana’s grandmother said.

While Ana was playing dead, her brother Corey was trying desperately to get a hold of her. He was in another classroom, on lock down, close to hers.

“He tried to get her on her cell phone and he knew it was in her room, but he couldn’t get to her. He told me, ‘I have never been so scared in my entire life,'” Ana’s grandmother said.

Ana’s grandmother says this tragedy have a lasting effect on the survivors.

“All of the kids, because we know some of the others and all of them are just scared. They’re not handling this well at all,” she said.

Ana still has a long road to recovery. The bullet that hit Ana lodged in her spine. At first she couldn’t move her legs, but doctors were able to remove the bullet and now she can.

“We’re doing well and we’re grateful for fact that we still have her with us and we’re very concerned because so many people don’t,” Ana’s grandmother said.

She said the community support for Ana and her classmates has been incredible.

By Brian MacMillan