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Mississippi River receives D+ on first ever ‘report card’

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - The might Mississippi received a not so mighty grade.  On its first report card score from the "America’s Watershed Initiative," the river received a D + grade.

The initiative's group of 700 experts took two years to compile their findings.  The report card looked at six main areas: recreation, ecosystems, flood control, transportation, water supply, and economy.  The group found particular problem areas in the categories of flood control, infrastructure conditions of the river's locks and dams, and pollution.  This report is particularly alarming when considering that the Mississippi River watershed is the fourth largest watershed in the world and carries water from various regions all across our country.  America's watershed initiative recognizes that the challenges facing the mighty Mississippi call for cohesiveness among the various groups involved and it plans to get this report card in the hands of government officials.

The goal of this report card is to be a call for action and a tool for tracking progress moving forward.