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Post-Dispatch columnist Bill McClellan writes about his rare cancer diagnosis

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Post-Dispatch columnist Bill McClellan has announced in a new article that he has a rare form of cancer. A mild pain in his abdomen led to an MRI that revealed a tumor. He has been diagnosed with cancer of the bile ducts.

McClellan voluntarily stepped down from his full time position with the paper in July. Four reporters were targeted for layoffs. He was among the nine who volunteered for resignations so the four could stay in their jobs.

His latest column begins:

Bile ducts? I know as little about human anatomy as I do about cars. I might as well have been told my U-joints were bad. Is it serious?

In my case, yes. I have a tumor in my liver. The tumor has encased an artery and is currently inoperable. Perhaps chemotherapy will shrink the tumor and allow doctors to remove it. Perhaps not.

It will take two months for McClellan to know anything more about his condition. In the meantime, he is taking two weeks off.

Read McClellan’s entire column here:  Stepping into a Woody Allen movie



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