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Watch how Adam Levine’s biggest fan reacts when she meets him

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LOS ANGELES, CA – A little girl’s dreams were crushed last month when she found out that Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine is married. The clip of the 3-year-old named Mila, reduced to tears over the news, went viral.

Mila’s mom Emily got a call from talk show host Ellen DeGeneres for a special interview. She wanted Mila to meet Adam. The mother and daughter flew to LA to be on “The Ellen Show.”

The little girl didn’t shy away from expressing her love for Levine to Ellen during the interview. She even accepted a Levine patterned outfit from the talk show host. Then, the big reveal, the rock star walked out from behind a curtain.

The meeting was a little awkward. It looks like Mila didn’t know how to deal with meeting the star.  But she accepted his rose and then hid behind her mother.

When asked if he had seen the video  Levine said, “Every single person that I know in my entire life sent it to me. Then, here we are. Clearly, she’s transfixed.”

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