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New Pine Lawn Mayor to make $60,000 while 36% of residents live in poverty

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - The You Paid for It team exposed a big problem in a tiny St. Louis county municipality. A $60,000 salary for the mayor of the financially strapped town.

The Former Mayor of Pine Lawn who got the City Council to give him that $60,000 salary while he was in power is now on his way to federal prison. Now the Council that gave him that deal is having a change of heart.

Olimes Underwood is Pine Lawn's acting mayor. She's not getting that $60,000 pay. Former Mayor Sylvester Caldwell was the first one to get that much money. He got the city council to hike his pay from $20,000 a year to $60,000. He lost that money when he was forced to give up the office after pleading guilty to federal charges of accepting payoffs from a tow company that was doing business in the Pine Lawn. The winner of the next election for mayor in this town of about 3,000 residents will get that money if the council doesn't act.

The $60,000 salary is higher than nearly all the other small municipalities in St. Louis County. This is one of the poorest, with nearly 36 percent of the residents living below the poverty line.

I first exposed this deal a couple of years ago while investigating all the money Pine Lawn makes off red light cameras.

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