Utah parents make epic Halloween costume for son with special needs

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SANDY, UT – If your child can’t talk and use a walker it can really limit options for a Halloween costume – but not if you are part of the Bailey family.

These parents from Sandy got extra creative to make their 5-year-old son with cerebral palsy feel like the greatest super hero from a galaxy far, far away by turning him into Han Solo equipped with a custom built Millennium Falcon.

For a few years, the Bailey family had made their son into another super hero. Previously they transformed their son Sebastian Bailey into Clark Kent by building a phone booth around his walker.

But this year they figured it was time for a change and the Millenium Falcon replaced the phone booth.

This year’s custom costume is equipped with an LED lighted propulsion system, Bluetooth streaming the Star Wars theme song and even a button Sebastian can push that says “Trick or Treat” or gives a famous quote from Han Solo.

Chantelle Bailey recently shared the pictures of her son and family with United Angels Foundation. It’s a Utah nonprofit foundation that supports parents and families of children with special needs like autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, asperger syndrome and other unique conditions.

By Cimaron Neugebauer, KUTV