11-year-old dies while saving sister during hit-and-run

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A South Carolina boy is being hailed as a hero for saving his little sister from a car that careened into their bus stop.

The 11-year-old boy died from injuries after pushing her away from the hit-and-run driver.

Now, his family wants to honor him by making their neighborhood safer for kids.

There’s a visible beginning – an appreciation for the person LaDarious Wylie was.

The fifth grader, his little sister Shavonte -right there behind her aunt, and a couple of other kids were standing near the corner of Dye and Ashford waiting for a school bus last Tuesday morning when a car, for some reason, veered toward the kids.

According to the children, at that moment, 11-years old, LaDarious acted like a superhero and pushed his little sister out of the way.

It happened just steps away from his house.

So much about Ashford Street will never be the same.

So family, friends, and neighbors would like to see it be given new life in LaDarious’ name. They’re trying to get a petition started.

But the hope is – the story of the little boy who put his sister’s life before his own – will always live.

Michelle Johnson, 57, was arrested several days after the accident. She is charged with hit and run with severe injury in connection to the deadly crash.

She’s out of jail on a $25,000 bond.