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Berkeley woman lucky to be a live after stray bullet hits bedroom

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BEREKELY, MO (KTVI) – A St. Louis County woman said she was lucky to be alive after a bullet came through her bedroom window.   

Her neighbors' homes on Airport had also been hit recently. 

Gunfire was almost a nightly occurrence, they said. 

Walk up to a house on Airport Road in Berkeley chances are it'll have a bullet hole in it. 

Monday night, a bullet came through Marilyn Bender's bedroom window.  Thankfully, she'd just gotten out of bed to go to the bathroom. 

“If I hadn’t have gotten up and used that bathroom, I might have been dead,” Bender said.  “When I was in the bathroom I heard pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow.  Then I heard my TV.  My son said, ‘get down momma, get down!’  He kind of pushed me down coming out of the bathroom.  He said, ‘momma your TV’s been shot’.”

The bullets were flying around 11:30 pm, police said.  Bender was not a target.

The gunfire erupted on Eaton Drive just down the block from the Eaton Drive intersection, outside a home known for suspected drug activity, police said.  The target was not a Berkeley resident.  There were no injuries but one of the bullets ended up in bender’s bedroom, police said.   

“There’s no regard for the innocent people.  We were fortunate last evening.  It was a blessing that no one was injured.  At the same time, we’re not talking about random incidents either,” said Berkeley Police Chief, Col. Frank McCall. 

Last month, a stray bullet from another shooting went through the storm door of Bender’s next door neighbor and lodged in the front door. 

“My daughter told me this morning, ‘momma I think it’s time for you to go.’  But they got their own house.  They got their life.  I’ve got my life,” Bender said.  “Until I’m not able to take care of myself, I want to stay in my house.”

She shouldn’t be the one to leave.    

Police agreed. 

“Our process might be a little slower than what people might like it to be.  But I can honestly say we have identified certain areas.  We’re on top of that.  It’s just a matter of time,” McCall said.     

Bender's been in her home 29 years.  She's insured, but the damage to her TV and window falls under her deductible. 

She’s on a fixed income and had just returned from a radiation treatment for breast cancer when she met FOX 2 for an interview. 

She can use help with repairs and anyone with information about the shooting should call Berkeley Police.