Suspects arrested in St. Ann may be responsible for numerous burglaries

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ST. ANN, MO (KTVI) - St. Ann Police said they’ve cleared a huge number of burglaries across the area. Four people have been arrested, two men and two women. Citizens and police worked together to solve the crimes.

St. Ann Police Detective Sgt. Ron Martin said, “Narcotics are the main reason why all crimes occur it’s that habit it’s that addiction.”

21-year-old Justin Hamilton has been charged with burglary, police were seeking more charges against him and his three accomplices.  Members of the group could be connected to as many as 30 burglary cases across the area.  Norman Revelle is a crime victim said, “That day it was horrible day. It was.”

Norman Revelle and his wife’s home was broken into.  Norman played a big part in catching the suspects. He got a good look at the suspect’s car, a brown Honda CRV and a red rag on the dash.  Another neighbor saw the same thing. The red rag would spell the end of the crime spree. Sgt. Martin said, “Great information to obtain from the witnesses and we disseminated that department wide and surrounding jurisdictions.”

In less than 24 hours an observant patrol officer spotted the Honda and the red rag. Police said Hamilton and his cohorts were caught in the act. Revelle said, “The police were excellent.”

Police said Hamilton started talking, Sgt. Martin said, “He basically confessed to doing multiple burglaries.” Inside the suspects’ vehicle all sorts of drug paraphernalia including cocaine pipes and syringes were discovered. Detectives said heroine was their drug of choice. Sgt. Martin said, “This heroin is a huge, huge problem in our community.”

Police worked with the resident for a successful ending in all these cases.  Revelle added, “We worked as a team on this project. Madden: makes you feel pretty good. You betcha, you betcha.”

The suspects were desperate to get their hand on heroin. They didn’t pawn the stolen items in some cases they simply traded a TV for drugs.