What you need to do to reduce your risk of cancer from processed meat

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - The World Health Organization recently stated that processed meats cause cancer, and red meat probably causes cancer. Jen McDaniel with the Academy Of Nutrition of Dietitics has more about what you need to do.

What is a processed meat? A processed meat is one that has been salted, cured, smoked, fermented all methods to preserve the food or extend the shelf life. Processed meats include foods like bacon, hot dogs, deli meats, meatballs, or chicken nuggets.

1. Vary up protein sources and limit portion size:

If you serve kids hot dogs 3 times a week, aim for once a week, and lean on other kid-friendly healthy proteins like a beans in a burrito or homemade chicken tenders.

2. Change up your cooking methods:

Think about ways you can pre-cook your meats like boiling a hot dog before a quick pan-fry it or microwaving your bacon vs. frying it.

3. Look for healthier versions of processed meats:

Look for nitrate-free and uncured meat deli meat, hot dogs or bacon.

4. Pair processed meats with produce!

Fruits and veggies are the anti-cancer plan. So instead of a side of mac and cheese with that hot dog, pair it with a fruit salad.

Eating lots of plants, maintaining an active lifestyle combined with not smoking lowers your cancer risk by 70%.