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State senator hosts final town hall on Westlake Landfill dangers

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OVERLAND, MO (KTVI) – Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal hosted the last in a series of a town hall meetings Sunday night to share her concerns about the radioactive waste in the Westlake Landfill.

Sunday's meeting was the tenth town hall over 12 days throughout the 14th District. People continue to report unexplained health issues, which some believe are tied to the controversial dumping of radioactive material at the landfill. Homeowners with two to five miles of the Westlake Landfill don't know what to expect, knowing there's radioactive waste at that landfill and it's proximity to the underground smoldering taking place at the nearby Bridgeton Landfill.

In talking with constituents during the 12 days, Sen. Chappelle-Nadal reminded people there were contaminated areas throughout St. Louis County.

Republic Services, which owns the landfills, has described the facilities as "safe and intensely monitored," calling  the potential for radioactive fallout "a remote scenario. " The company also took issue last week with her claims after a similar hearing that the landfill problems pose a national security risk, saying her comments were not supported by science or the facts.

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