Teen inspires Rams linebacker after tragic sleepwalking accident left him paralyzed

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TOWN AND COUNTRY, MO (KTVI) - CBC will play for another state championship in football next week.  One teammate has been savoring each win, while also embarking on a journey of his own.

Drew Hessler, a junior at CBC, suffered a freak accident this past summer that left him paralyzed. He fell off a five story balcony while sleepwalking during a family vacation.

But his determination to one day walk again has led to inspiration for others. Rams linebacker James Laurinaitis has been following his progress on Instagram and Twitter. The Rams' middle linebacker met Drew this summer. He now wears the, "Stronger Than Ever" wristband. This just happens to be the new motto at CBC High School.

Trips to his team's football games have proven therapeutic. The support he gets from his teammates means a lot to him.

Drew says that he wants to be a dad and have a family. He is determined to reach a goal of walking out of the hospital some day.

Rams linebacker James Laurinaitis says that Drew will be at the next home game. He will be handing out his "Stronger Than Ever" wristbands.