A father’s heartbreaking and beautiful explanation of the Paris attacks to his son

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PARIS – A French news show called “Le Petit Journal” interviewed a boy and his father this week about Friday’s terror attacks in Paris. YouTube user Jeje125 translated the interview to share with the English speaking world.

The interview begins with a reporter asking the child, “Do you understand what happened? Do you understand why those people did that?”

“Yes, because they’re really, really mean.” said the kid. “Bad guys are not very nice. And… We have to be really careful because we have to change houses.”

The boy’s father corrects him saying, “Oh no, don’t worry. We don’t need to move out. France is our home.”

“But there’s bad guys daddy,” said the son.

“Yes, but there’s bad guys everywhere,” said the father.

“They have guns, they can shoot us because they’re really really mean daddy.” said the son.

His father explains, “It’s OK, they might have guns but we have flowers.”

“But flowers don’t do anything, they’re for, they’re for…” said the son.

“Of course they do, look, everyone is putting flowers.” said the father.

“It is to protect?” said the child.

“Exactly.” said the father.

“And candles too?” said the son.

“It’s to remember the people who are gone yesterday.” said the father.

“The flowers and candles are here to protect us.” said the son.

“Yes.” said the father.

The reporter asks, “Do you feel better now?”

“Yes, I feel better.”


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