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Belleville golfer to compete in World Golf Deaf Championships

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BELLEVILLE, IL (KTVI) – 'As players we know when we hit a bad shot, we can feel it,' says Wayne Ockovic, Former St. Clair Country Club Golf Professional.  'We can tell by sound when we hit a shot fat.  But he`s a very good player, a very accomplished player.'

'To think about speaking and not hearing yourself your own words is really a difficult thing to grasp at least for me,' says Thomas Sipula, St. Clair Country Club Head Golf Professional.

'I don`t hear a sound,' says EJ Brumm, Professional Golfer who happens to be deaf.  'I don`t hear the planes flying over or the birds or people talking.'

'Do you read lips?' asks Patrick Clark.

'Yes I read lips,' says Brumm.

'Very well,' adds Clark.

'Thank you,' says Brumm.

'He`s very good at reading lips,' says Sipula.  'It`s amazing the things he will pick up from across the room.'

'I can probably read somebody`s lips maybe 200 yards away,' says Brumm.  'I have very good eyesight.  I`ve been playing golf since I was five.'

'The World Golf Deaf Championships are going to be in Copenhagen, Denmark next July,' says Sipula.  'EJ qualified for that spot this last summer in Maryland.  He finished third in the country. '

'Because I lost my hearing I feel that my other senses are better than most people,' says Brumm. 'I can smell and see.'

'Besides being deaf,' chuckles Ockovic.  'His game is better than most.  That`s about the best answer I can give you there.'

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