What should people expect when calling a remodeling company?

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - Home remodeling is a big investment of money and time and can also be an emotional roller coaster.

What makes remodeling so scary is the reality of the project falling short of wants and expectations. Homeowners too often feel as if there’s no safety net or guarantee that they will get what they pay for. But there are companies and procedures that will protect your investment and create a successful project.

Scott Mosby from Mosby Building Arts visits Fox 2 News to discuss what people should expect when calling a remodeling company.

For more information on home remodeling, contact Mosby Building Arts at 314-909-1800.

Questions addressed:
• What are some of the biggest fears homeowners face when remodeling?
• What are homeowners looking for in a remodeler?
• Where do remodelers and homeowners disagree/where do expectations fall short?
• How can a remodeler ease those fears?
• How can a homeowner be sure they are making the right choice?

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