Crossroads students encouraged to be inventive

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Claire Miller is spending the end of her school day creating a vase.

'Like this one except on a large scale like this one because we scaled it up for our Makerspace opening tonight,' says Claire Miller, 12th Grade Student.

The future is now and the possibilities are endless for these seventh through 12th graders tinkering in their new maker space.

'We have them in an engineering class and we have a 3D design class and we found other spaces where we could teach students how to think in this way and then how to give them free rein to design and make things instead of just design on paper,' says Dr. Jason Heisserer, Head of School Crossroads College Preparatory School.

From lockers the play musical notes to virtual headsets or even the tables to build such items on.

They are all coming from the minds of these Crossroads Preparatory College students and the $65,000 grant that made it possible.

Crossroads is combining stem and they`re partnering with Boeing to create this ever evolving Makerspace.

'Math is in everything,' says Mark Norwood, Makerspace Coordinator.  'It`s the mother of the sciences, it`s everywhere.  It`s in all that we design and all that we do.  If we can capture their minds and while they`re still thinking about who they`re going to become as high schoolers, then we can begin to show them the possibilities of being involved in design or engineering or the tech world.  And we hope to ignite some passions there.'

The next Thomas Edison or Elon Musk might be in the making for these movers and builders in the first year for the science fiction like school labs.

Now they just need some kind of photosynthetic solar flower that both powers and provides beauty.

Hey, there's an idea.

Now off to work students!