South County home hit twice by burglar

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OAKVILLE, MO (KTVI) - A burglar broke into the same home twice in the same month.  St. Louis County Police Sgt. Brian Schellman said, “We’ve had two burglaries at the same home in the month of November.”  He said the most recent crime occurred Sunday in the 5000 block of Heintz Road not far from Oakville High School.

Bill DeMay lives in the same neighborhood as the victim.  DeMay said, “It hit them pretty hard they got quite a bit of stuff from them.”  Sgt. Schellman added, “He stole a small hand gun and various jewelry items and a camera as well.”

A photo of the man police are calling a person of interest has been released.  Apparently the picture was captured by the homeowner’s security cameras installed after the first break-in November 5th. Police said it’s not unusual for criminals to target a place more than once.  Sgt. Schellman said, “If a criminal feels there a vulnerability there I mean we see this a lot times just in typical larcenies from vehicles. Why do we see the same parking lots getting hit and over and over? Because it’s an easy place to for them to go.”

Some neighbors have pets who keep a close watch on their property and will deter burglars.  Although one home was hit twice neighbors say they can’t think of another crime like in the past ten years.  Residents want the person responsible punished.  DeMay said, “It’s a home invasion if you can’t feel safe at your home where can you feel safe at.”

There are a few other burglaries in South County under investigation. Police said it’s far too early to say if there is a connection between all of them.