Bismarck students saturate social media with images of sad school lunches

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BISMARCK, MO (KTVI) - Some students in the Bismarck R-V School District have taken to social media to air complaints about their school lunches. The students who first posted a photo of moldy bread say they did it because they want better food. Other students have since voiced their concerns. Some say their lunches are not satisfying their hunger. Students say one video shows curdled milk.

High school student Trevor Davis says the lunch program is a hot topic right now. He believes the school is trying to make improvements, and says improvements are needed.

High school freshman Emily Johnson says there are times she leaves school hungry. Her mother says she hasn’t heard complaints about school lunches until recently.

“The last few years lunches and meals were really great,” said Tammy Lenox. “Never had an issue with it.”

Bismarck Superintendent Chuck Hasty released the following statement:

“In an effort to ensure a quality product, we are looking at all options which will serve as a solution to the issues brought to the district. Our food service director will be visiting other schools before Christmas break. She is also attending a conference later this week which is designed to address health and wellness issues. In addition, we have invited the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) to our school for a thorough review of our offerings and practices. The department will be on site next month.”

“Since the issues were brought forward we have held multiple meetings in an effort to seek ways to improve how we do business. We have contacted all of our providers and expressed concern where appropriate.”

“We do continue to follow all DESE-required guidelines in terms of quantity served. There are specific amounts of food which are not to be exceeded, as per the department’s guidelines. Students are required to have a half-cup of fruit or vegetables on their tray. We are limited in how much meat we can offer. In addition, the requirements have greatly restricted the amount of sodium allowed in a meal.”

“I do want to make it known that our ladies have great compassion for our children. They would love to provide a greater quantity of food. They would also love to offer more fattening and better tasting food. The issue is that, in order to stay within the federal guidelines, the quantity and quality simply doesn’t rise to the desired level of serving. Our ladies are doing a great job of following the rules they are forced to operate within. However, most students would prefer pizza instead of mustard greens.