Board of Alderman vote on stadium could spur wave of projects

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Board of Aldmeren President Lewis Reed and Task Force Co-Chair Dave Peacock weigh-in on the NFL's new deadline for the stadium proposal. There's already movement to report on beating that deadline.

Two big things need to happen. It looks one of them will next week. The Board Aldermen's Ways and Means Committee will meet to vote on a deal Thursday. A vote supporters say is about more than football, maybe a whole lot more.

"If these projects string together, they create one of the largest swells in construction work in the history of our city." said Dave Peacock.

The stadium task force co-chair Dave Peacock received the pillars in the community award from the Clayton Chamber of Commerce. Simply pushing for a new stadium on the St. Louis riverfront does not make you a pillar miles away in Clayton. It's about the bigger picture.

The St. Louis Board of Aldermen President Says it has to be, for aldermen to approve the stadium plan by the newly set December 28th deadline.

"It will take extraordinary measures to get it done by the 28th. That being said, we`re doing everything within our powers to try to meet the deadline the NFL`s going to set forth." said Lewis Reed.

A big reason for that effort lies just northwest of the stadium site and has nothing to do with football. The proposed $1.6 billion dollar National Geo-Spatial-Intelligence Agency site at Cass and Jefferson would keep 3,100 jobs in the city. City leaders say one of the often-asked questions in the site selection process is about whether the stadium`s going to be built.

The two projects would create a tidal wave of development. Perhaps it is worth an extraordinary effort and aldermen hammering out a $150 million commitment to a stadium in a little more than three weeks.

"I think a deadline is good because it gets everybody focused," said Dave Peacock.

"All of those things happening in the city of St. Louis, no doubt. It would be tremendous if we have geospatial, we have the Rams stadium being built, we have the Arch grounds reopening. That would be a game changer for the city. That`s why everybody`s working to get this deal done." said Lewis Reed.

"There`s been lawsuits. There have been hearings. There have been train tracks and electric lines to move. There are questions about market viability, then we get a great naming rights deal. There`s been a ton of work. We`re very close. We`re at the two yard line, now we just need to punch it over." said Dave Peacock.

Another key part of this is minority inclusion in stadium construction. Reed is working on finalizing that himself. He's not ruling out calling a special meeting of the full board for a stadium vote to beat the deadline.