Disabled man beaten and robbed of his Christmas money

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) -A man who lives with his family in St. Louis' Baden neighborhood is recovering after being pistol-whipped by thieves who stole several hundred dollars out of his pockets.

It happened yesterday on Harlan in the Baden neighborhood.

Earl Willyard was walking to the bus stop to pick up two of the four children he shares with his wife. A police report indicates three men approached Willyard from behind. Two of them were armed.

One of the criminals struck Willyard in the forehead, and another one took the money out of his pockets.

"I like this neighborhood enough," said Willyard. "I was buying a home so my children were stable, and I didn't have to worry. And here I am walking up to pick up my six and seven-year-olds and I'm pistol-whipped and robbed for everything I have?"

Willyard said he's on disability because he has issues with his sight. In fact, under certain conditions he says he's practically blind. Willyard said he was going to use part of the money to pay their rent-to-own mortgage. The rest of it he and his wife were going to use to buy their children's Christmas gifts.

A neighbor, Ernest Evans, had good things to say about the family.

"Yeah, he's a good kid," said Evans.

Evans is trying to get some help for the family before Christmas. He set up a Go Fund Me account for donations. Here's the link: https://www.gofundme.com/f7da8y5w