Suspect accused of disassembling, stealing historic cabin

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Gregory Cole

Gregory Cole

ST. LOUIS (AP) - A suspect is in custody for the theft of an entire log cabin, piece by piece.

St. Louis County prosecutors on Friday charged 54-year-old Gregory Cole of Wentzville with one count of stealing over $25,000. He is jailed on $40,000 bond and does not yet have an attorney.

The cabin in question was a nearly 150-year-old structure in a remote area of Wildwood in far southwestern St. Louis County. Two sisters who own it were in the process of donating the cabin, valued at around $50,000, to the city.

Sometime in late November, the cabin disappeared. Only the roof and foundation were left behind.

An anonymous caller led police to Wentzville, where the timbers were found behind Cole's apartment. He allegedly confessed, saying he planned to sell it.

The same man is a charged after police say he entered a Wentzville home in October, removed his clothes, and went to sleep in an empty bedroom.  Police say the man was discovered later that day around 8 a.m.