8-year-old to have mastectomy

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CENTERVILLE, UT – An third grader in Utah is preparing to undergo a mastectomy on Monday.

Chrissy Turner is eight-years-old, and was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of breast cancer two weeks ago.

But this isn't the first time her family has faced life-threatening illness.

Heidi hatch sat down with this brave young girl and her family as they prepare for her surgery.

(Chrissy Turner/Cancer Patient) I was scared.

8-year-old Chrissy found a lump on the right side of her chest in October it wasn't going away but she was afraid to talk to their parents.

(Chrissy Turner/Cancer Patient) Just that night I convinced myself to tell them.

(Annette Turner/Mother) Instantly your heart drops.

Her mom Annette had been diagnosed with a rare form a cervical cancer in 2000.

Her dad is still fighting his own battle.

(Troy Turner/Father) Non-Hodgkin's stage 3.

It was 2008 when Chrissy's dad Troy found a lump in his armpit.

(Troy Turner/Father) I probably should have gone in earlier, but I thought it was nothing.

And that's why when Chrissy said she had a lump they wasted no time.

(Annette Turner/Mother) Listen to them, don't take anything lightly.

Chrissy's doctors had good news at first... But it was short-lived.

(Annette Turner/Mother) 99.9% of all tumors in children are benign so there is that OK, we'll just get it out, all will be well. And then the phone call is when your heart drops.

The diagnosed: a slow-moving and very rare breast cancer.

(Annette Turner/Mother) You just think I'm going to lose my baby, this is my child, this is my baby.

(Troy Turner/Father) As hard as it was to tell my kids that I had it, it was 100 times harder to tell her that she had it.

(Annette Turner/Mother) There is always the why, why us, when is it enough?

Chrissy is ready to take on this one in a million battle, just like toothless, her favorite dragon.

(Chrissy Turner/Cancer Patient) He is unique.

A rarity just like Chrissy's cancer.

(Chrissy Turner/Cancer Patient) The doctor said I would have to stay overnight for a few days.

Chrissy will need some rest, and that's why she's getting ready for Christmas with her big sister today.

Her Christmas wish list is short.

(Chrissy Turner/Cancer Patient) Knowing the surgery is over and that I will heal and get back to my normal self.

Chrissy's cancer has a high rate of recurrence, so after the surgery, doctors will be checking with her at least every three months.

Huntsman cancer will also study the genetics of her family to see if any of their cancers are related.

Meanwhile, friends have started a go fund me page to help with treatments.