House guest etiquette to make the holidays the most wonderful time of year

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Are you expecting guests this holiday season? Perhaps you're traveling.

Melenie Broyles with Etiquette Saint Louis has some reminders to make it the most wonderful time of the year, for everyone.

House guest etiquette:

1. Do not over stay your welcome. Arrive on time and leave on the day you promised.

2. Do not bring extra people. Practice thorough communication when planning who will stay where.

3. Do not assume pets are OK. Some people are allergic, some do not like the mess or pets in general.

4. Always bring a gift as well as offer to pick up some groceries, treat your hosts to a meal or contribute cash.

5. Your host is not your maid. Clean up after yourself. No wet towels on floors, beds, wood furniture.

6. Follow the schedule of your host.

7. Your children's antics may not be as humorous to your relatives as they are to you at home. Keep them settled, entertained and remind them of the basics- please, thank you and you're welcome.

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