Police and community organization notice pattern in CWE robberies and carjackings

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CENTRAL WEST END, ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Monday night in the city police and neighborhood groups are trying to find the source of a disturbing trend.   A series of robberies and carjackings have taken place in recent months with a couple of things in common.

Those similarities are groups of young men, and women walking alone have proven to be the dangerous mix.  On Waterman Boulevard this past Friday night, in the most recent case, a woman had just gotten out of her car when two men approached with a gun, taking her purse and car.

It was the thirteenth such attack in the central west end since October according to the central west end's neighborhood security initiative.  And, like in nearly half the cases, they say police caught someone quickly, but more groups keep popping up.

Unbeknownst to women like Morgan Wuenscher who we found strolling toward a coffee shop Monday night.  As she crossed the street, she was being watched by one of the neighborhood group's 87 cameras, which they say are making a big difference in catching some of these bands of young robbers.

They have continued to provide police and CrimeStoppers with pictures of groups of men seen at a spot on Laclede Avenue just moments before a woman was carjacked last month.  Identifying specific groups are of interest, but Whyte says there's more.

Whyte points out the Central West End is not the only neighborhood in the city seeing this trend.  Similar circumstances have surrounded series of carjackings in south city and the county.