Police release raw video of fatal standoff with armed woman

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NORTH ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KTVI) - St. Louis County Police are still investigating after an armed woman was shot and killed over the weekend during a standoff. Police just released dash cam and witness video from the scene.

Police released cell phone video taken by a witness and video taken by a police supervisor who was inside an armoured vehicle.

The video, shot by a St. Louis County Police Supervisor, from inside the tactical operations armored vehicle. It shows members of the tactical unit breakng down the front door. They yell, "gun, gun" as Sheila Huck, 61, appears in front of them.

Police say Huck fired several shots at officers and they returned fire. They say after Huck was shot she fell to the floor and pointed her gun at officers again.

You can also hear an officer order Huck to drop her weapon. Then more shots are fired at her, ultimately ending her life.

Witnesses say Sheila Huck was acting strangely Saturday afternoon. That was before she shot her 35-year-old neighbor three times when she went to get mail from her mailbox. The woman underwent surgery and is expected to survive.

After shooting her neighbor Huck went back into her home in the 6600 block of Foot Hills Court and barricaded herself inside. That`s when the standoff with police happened.

The neighbor who was shot is expected to survive. Witnesses say Huck was suffering from mental challenges.


The Tactical Operations Unit began attempts at negotiations at approximately 1:45 PM. All attempts were unsuccessful. Due to the serious nature of the crime committed by the suspect, the decision was made to take the armed suspect into custody, after her unprovoked attack on an innocent victim.

This video shows the St. Louis County Tactical Operations Unit first attempting to breach the door to the suspect’s home, which occurs at approximately 4:20 PM. This video was taken by a witness’s cell phone, only a few minutes prior to their second attempt to breach the front door, which ultimately led to the officer involved shooting. In this video, you can hear police trying to communicate with the suspect.

This was obtained from a separate witness.

This video was shot by a St. Louis County Police Supervisor from inside the Tactical Operations armored vehicle.