Students under arrest after making threat to Windsor High School

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IMPERIAL, MO (KTVI) – Students are under arrest after making a threat against Windsor High School.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office investigated the threat.  They stopped the students making the threat from entering the building Monday morning.  Investigators determined that it was not credible.

The school’s superintendent says the students are in police custody.  This is the e-mail he sent to parents about the incident.


December 7, 2015

Dear Parents,

This morning it was reported to our High School Administration that a few District students made a threat directed at the High School. When the District received news of the potential threat, we immediately contacted law enforcement officials and put measures in place to deny entry into the building to the students in question. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department was here to ensure this. We then began a full investigation into the matter to determine if this was a legitimate threat.

After a thorough investigation by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department and the High School Administration, it was determined that THIS WAS NOT A CREDIBLE THREAT TO STUDENT AND/OR STAFF SAFETY AND WELFARE. The safety of our students and staff is always our main priority and although the threat was not credible, I want to thank the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department and our High School Administration and students, as they responded admirably and responsively to the potential situation.

I can also tell you that the students in question have been taken into police custody, and as I am writing this letter, the Administration is still completing their investigation, which at the conclusion will determine disciplinary consequences for these students in accordance with School District policy. Even though the threat was not credible, I want to commend the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department for placing these individuals in custody, as it is imperative for students and everyone to know that credible or not, threats of this type against our schools cannot be tolerated or accepted.

Unfortunately, these types of incidents do occur on occasion; but, we will always report and investigate each and every incident. I am sure many of you have received bits and pieces of information and I appreciate each of you having faith in our District to fully investigate and know that the safety of your child is our only concern. We will always notify you of such incidents as soon as we have all the facts and credible information to share.

Our immediate concern and our immediate attention is to make sure that our students are completely safe and not in harm’s way. If we have not notified you and you hear information from your students or in the community, please know that we are actively involved in the situation in order to bring about a positive and safe resolution and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible. If you do not hear from us immediately, please understand that we do not want to report erroneous information and we will share with you what we know once more information is received.

However, if there is ever a credible threat, you will be notified immediately and put on notice of what is occurring and how to retrieve your child safely.

Again, I want to thank our students for their vigilance in reporting this potential activity, the responsiveness of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, and our Administrative staff for their timely and effective adherence to District policy and procedure. Thank you.


Dr. Joel B. Holland