Good Samaritan helps cure little girl of rickets after suffering from the disease

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - The simple task of walking was a challenge all her life for a 7-year-old girl because of Rickets. When people teased her about it, it just made things worse. One man, a hospital, and caring doctors changed her entire life.

At Shriner's Hospital they`ll tell you miracles happen every day. This story is about one miracle creating another.

Seven-year-old Genesis is doing well after a major operation on both her legs. She suffered from Rickets, an illness she inherited from her mother. Her mother says she became the target of ridicule in her small town in El Salvador.

"It was really difficult because a lot of people made fun of her lots of children and adults." said mother Vilma Hernadez.

It hurt when she walked. Then 27-year-old Ever Martinez entered the little girl's life. She says Ever is her angel.

"Because God has given him to me, so everyone can help me." aid Genesis.

Ever was brought to Shriner's hospital 13 years ago. His legs were bowed. An operation gave him a new life. A dozen years later he heard about Geneisis. She lived in the same town. Ever called Shriner`s doctors and told them about the girl. When he met Genesis for the first time a few days ago his heart filled with joy.

"When I saw her I was about to cry. It was amazing to me." said Ever Martinez.

"It`s wonderful to actually have an impact on a child's life. Hope her future is better than her mother's was." said Dr. Gary Gottesman.

The World Pediatric Project and Shriner's doctors responded to help Genesis.

"It's going to restore her childhood in a lot of ways. She`s going to run and play like other kids do the other things kids do when they`re growing up." said Dr.Eric Gordon.

Genesis is learning to walk again. In months she`ll be heading home. It is difficult to find the words in Spanish or English to describe how grateful the girl and her family are.

"A huge a huge blessing." said mother Vilma Hernadez.

One doctor says they are creating medicine right now that could keep other kids from going through what Genesis endured.