Investigators looking for proof of bribe offer for stadium vote

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - An alderwoman claims a pro-stadium group tried to secure her "yes" vote by offering a bribe to a loved one. The President of the Board of Aldermen is asking for proof.

Efforts to complete the St. Louis City offer to the NFL for a new stadium moved one step ahead Thursday. The latest version of the financing package for a new north riverfront stadium transfers a portion of game day revenue to the regional sports authority to pay off bonds for the new construction.

The Aldermanic Ways and Means Committee approved theĀ funding bill known as Board Bill 219. It will now go to theĀ full Board of Aldermen for a vote.

The bribe claim has been the talk of the day at City Hall where pro-stadium lobbying has been going on. Supporters insist everything is above board, nothing is going on under the table.

Big dollars and an historic minority job plan are on the table next week when the full board returns for a special meeting to consider the stadium financing plan. Stadium Critic and 15th Ward Alderwoman Megan Green sent out a news release saying she was offered, "bribes by a stadium proponent."

"My concerns are if I was approached, if my loved ones were approached. Because of this, who else has been approached and have people been as steadfast in their ethical convictions as myself and my loved ones." said 15th Ward Alderwoman Megan Green.

Reporter Betsey Bruce asks, "Has anybody been offered money that you know of in connection with the stadium plan?"

Alderwoman Megan Green responds, "Not that I know of, no."

Green pointed to Alderman Sam Moore as someone who had a similar experience. But he vehemently denies that.

"Her personal right to make those accusations, but you have to prove it in a court of law." said 4th Ward Alderman Sam Moore.

Reporter Betsey Bruce asks, "So you haven`t been offered money or campaign donations?"

Alderman Sam Moore responds, "No no. If getting jobs is bribery, so be it."

St. Louis City Police issued this statement about the accusation, "Our officers along with the FBI interviewed Alderwoman Green relative to said allegations, and determined that there was nothing actionable."

Board President Lewis Reed responded to Green. "Nobody has approached me. But this isn`t the first outrageous statement like this that this particular alderman has made. I`ve been in touch with the Justice Department this morning and we`re hoping to get to the bottom of this as soon as possible."