Lost camera reunited with couple after over a year

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - It`s a follow up to a story we told you Thursday, a couple is reunited with their camera.

"Oh my gosh, oh thank you," exclaims Betty Sharp.

In a story you only saw on FOX 2 and News 11, the Ladue police department asked for help in returning what was lost.

"My pharmacist from my Walmart where I live called me and said, 'Hey you were on TV,`" says Butch Hartmann. "I thought, 'Well I don't know what that's about. So they re-did it again and I saw it and I said, 'Oh my God!'"

On the Olympus were photos from a trip to Norway, a vacation in New York and Betty Sharp's sister enjoying a boat ride.

"My Mom died 30 years ago and I wanted to go have the journey that Marie my sister had," says Sharp.

Betty and her sister traveled to Norway and retraced their mother's journey. Now thanks to Sgt. Ray Hahs and the man who found the found the camera along Clayton road, this couple can return to some forgotten memories.

"It's been gone for a year and a half and I just thought it would just never be," says Sharp. "So you have to let go of things. It was emotional."

This was the last photo the couple recall taking, June 28, 2014 after having dinner at Ruth Chris' to celebrate Butch Hartmann's birthday. And one snapshot we shared that they won't be repeating?

"Selfie, I've decided to never try that again on any angle," deadpans Sharp.

But it's the selfless acts of many that resulted in a happy ending for all.

"You always hear about the bad and I think there is a lot of good out there," says Sgt. Ray Hahs. "I describe it as a Christmas miracle," says Hartmann.

Sometimes the best thing about memories is making them, both old and new.