Mike Matheny tops list of ‘Baseball’s Most Handsome Managers’

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matheny 2ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – The writers at NBC Sports have created a top 10 list of, “Baseball’s Most Handsome Managers.” St. Louis Cardinals manager Mike Matheny tops the the top of studly skippers.

Their listing for Matheny states:

“I suppose it was only a matter of time. For two years he’s been knocking on the door. Now he and his strong jaw and soulful eyes and great hair can saunter on through it. As the next item on this list makes clear, his ascension is premised on the previous top dog faltering. But only in part. Matheny is a worthy Most Handsome Manager, not a mere default choice. For example, in July he toyed with some facial hair.  And he made it work even though facial hair is generally awful. Matheny can give you a lot of different looks. All of them handsome. That matters.”

NBC Sports did give a few disclaimers before releasing their list. They say that no manager is ugly and that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And there is one other thing:

I hate that even in 2015 I feel as though I have to say it, but I will say that I am a totally straight man making these judgments. If you find something wrong or amiss with that, I feel sorry for you. There is far too much beauty among people in the world for us to fail to acknowledge 50% of it merely because we’re worried about appearing less than traditionally masculine or feminine. Free your mind, the rest will follow.

See the full list of hansome baseball managers here: NBCSports.com