Bullet shatters State Trooper’s windshield during Washington County chase

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DESOTO, MO (KTVI) - For the second day in a row a traffic stop turns violent for an area law enforcement officer. A state trooper got glass in his eyes when a bullet shattered the windshield of his vehicle.

A person drove through a stop sign near highways 21 and E in Washington County. When a trooper pursued the vehicle somebody in the suspect's vehicle fired as many as seven shots. One bullet went through the Trooper's windshield. Flying gas injured him and he pulled over.

Early Friday morning officers found the suspect's vehicle on Skyline drive. Information from that location led them to south Desoto and Blow street. The SWAT team surrounded a home and making arrests without any problem.

Thursday it was a St. Louis County cop who faced danger during a traffic problem. Now it`s a State Trooper.

"It`s a tough job that we do, everybody knows that. I don't think people realize it all the time not everyone. When you hear one of your brothers or sisters being shot at like that someone who is quite desperate it takes a certain type of person to fire a gun at a police officer. " said Sgt. Al Nothum.

Sgt. Nothum says the bullet came within inches of possibly killing the trooper. He also said someone in the suspect's vehicle threw something out of the window during the four mile chase. Authorities think it may have been drug paraphernalia, possibly meth lab components.

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