Thieves steal Christmas gifts meant for children with cancer and sickle cell

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Christmas thieves steal gifts at gunpoint. The gifts were for sick children. The charity organizer is devastated because the robbery comes just days before their big holiday party. The organization is now working to make up some lost ground.

The non-profit organization is called, "Because I care we can face tomorrow." The executive director says the organization needs help replacing the missing toys.

St. Louis City Police responded to the 700 block of Bitner Tuesday at around 8pm. Executive Director Margo Deloch reported she was robbed by two men at gunpoint.

"When I got back to the trunk a guy, I don't know where he came from, said 'don't look back I got a gun.'" said Margo Deloch.

Investigators say the suspects got away with dozens of coats, 50 gift bags filled with toys and cash. The organization says robbers took Christmas gifts that were donated for kids facing cancer and sickle cell. The gifts were to be given away on Sunday at the charity's annual Christmas party.

Deloch has a strong message for the thieves, "You are stealing from children that are sick. I have parents that are not working so you are putting a burden on me and my children."

Volunteers are working around the clock to prepare for the big celebration. Organizers say it's hard to believe someone would do something like this. The fact that the incident happened just before before Christmas is heartbreaking.

"A lot of our children look forward to this every year. This is something I love to do. I love looking forward to giving to children so they can have Christmas." said Margo Deloch.

Now the group is trying to figure out away to replace the stolen gifts. The annual Christmas party will take place Sunday December 13th from 1pm-4pm and will be held at the Demetrius Johnson Foundation located at 724 Union ave in St. Louis Missouri.
If you would like to donate an unwrapped toy or make a donation to the organzation call 314-383-5924

St Louis City Police say the investigation is ongoing.

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