‘You’ve got to believe,’ Burn victim’s Christmas wish comes true in a big way

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The world is responding to the humble holiday wish of a young girl badly injured in a fire.

Two years ago, Safyre Terry’s father and three younger siblings were killed in a fire caused by arson. She was found next to her father, who used his body to shield her from the flames.

In addition to suffering from severe burns, Safyre lost her right hand three months after the fire, and lost her left foot in March. She’s had dozens of surgeries and her next one is Jan. 5, Safyre’s paternal aunt Liz Dodler told BuzzFeed.

Despite what she’s been through, the 2nd grader says she only wants one thing this holiday season: Christmas cards to fill up her card tree. After her request was posted to Facebook by her aunt, and gained momentum on Reddit, she has been flooded with holiday cards from all over the world!

“We can’t keep it to ourselves, we have to share her with the world. She’s got a message, she’s a living message of hope, faith, and love. But you’ve got to believe in that hope, faith, and love.” said aunt Liz Dolder.

In addition to all the cards, people have also donated more than $150,000 to a You Caring page.

Send a card if you would like to spread some Christmas cheer to this brave little girl:

Safyre Terry
PO BOX 6126
Schenectady, NY, 12306.