Donated stuffed animals will help Troopers comfort children

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WELDON SPRING, MO (KTVI)-The Missouri State Highway Patrol now has another way to try and ease tensions for children at scenes thanks to a pet store chain. PetSmart delivered more than 1,000 stuffed animals to the Patrol Friday morning at Troop C Headquarters in Weldon Spring.

PetSmart customers bought the plush dogs and cats, named Lucky and Chance, then donated them back to PetSmart. PetSmart then gives the plush toys to different organizations. PetSmart has done the charity project for several years but this is the first time they’ve worked with the Patrol.

Sergeant Al Nothum with the Patrol says troopers will give the stuffed animals to children at emotional situations like car crashes to help kids cope. PetSmart is happy to help.

“It just brings a smile to the kids. It’s the holiday season, Christmas time, so there’s a lot of kids out there. At a crash scene, for example, kids are crying, it’s a very, very bad situation for them to be in so. For example, a state trooper can give that child a Chance or a Lucky doll and it just brightens their day,” said Aaron Flynn, the Store Leader for PetSmart’s Manchester store.

The stuffed animals donated to the patrol came from the PetSmart stores in Manchester and Sunset Hills. PetSmart says it plans to donate to the patrol again next year.