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Local man gives away money in honor of his mother

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) –  Peace on earth, goodwill to all. It`s not just a bible verse from Luke 2.

It`s one man`s mantra this holiday season.

'Just want to do something for somebody else,' says Dave, last name withheld. 'I was so blessed. I think I was the one blessed doing this. It feels so rewarding to do and I encourage others to do the same cause it`s amazing. It`s an amazing feeling.'

He prefers to remain anonymous, but Dave is trying to pay it forward by showing up at random Goodwill locations and giving away his own hard earned cash.

'When we heard about the events that were going on this year we weren`t really that surprised,' says Latrice Clayborne, District Manager Goodwill. 'But we were surprised to hear there was a story behind his reasoning. So from Goodwill to whoever this mystery person is we say, `Thank you.`'

'My Mom just passed from cancer and I knew she would love for me to do something like this,' says Dave. 'I think she is looking down and saying, `You did a good job son.`'

Wednesday afternoon he was handing out candy canes and $20 dollar bills in honor of his mother, Margaret Ann Sewell.

She passed away at the end of September.

But don`t call Dave a holiday hero, he says his benevolence is because of the kindness of the strangers he`s met so far.

'One lady in there buying gifts for kids in the neighborhood,' says Dave. 'I mean, them are amazing people. I`m just a guy handing out money. That`s all I`m doing, that`s it. Just one person at a time, and that`s just my Mom in me.'

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