Will cheap gas prices stick around?

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – An early Christmas present is coming at the gas pump this year.

According to AAA drivers are seeing the lowest average gas price since 2009.

In Valley Park prices gas was $1.61 a gallon.

Right now prices in Missouri and Illinois are well below what drivers were seeing even last month when they filled up.

Suddenly gas at 2 dollars a gallon seems unreasonably expensive.

"I would love to see them stay down. That would be fantastic," said driver Chad Randall.

Even the national average is one cent away from dropping below $2 a gallon.

According to AAA these low gas prices are due to the falling price of crude oil.

Some drivers are hoping to see that connection make an even bigger impact on the pump.

"It seems to me they should be going down a little bit more considering oil has absolutely crashed so it is nice that they are going down a little bit but it’s also disappointing that they aren’t going down a little bit more," said Randall.

People are taking notice of these low prices.

"They had dropped theirs significantly a couple of days ago so I knew on my way home I was getting low and I was going to stop here," said driver Matt Foshage.

$1.61 a gallon isn’t even the lowest price you will see you’re hitting the road for the holidays.

According to Gas Buddy in Independence Missouri gas is $1.55 a gallon.

In Illinois you can find it at $1.56 a gallon in Decatur.

No matter what side of the river you are on people appreciate saving a little extra cash, especially around the holiday season.

"It is nice to save a few extra bucks, just a few extra dollars to put into the stocking stuffers," said Foshage

According to experts we should see these prices stick around for the next few months.

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