Rescuers fear injured Jack Russell is sign of dog fighting ring

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VENICE, IL (KTVI) - A dog rescue group is asking for the public’s help in busting a possible dog fighting operation that could be planning an event.

The group “Partners 4 Pets” wants to know if you recognize the dog Trudy. She’s a Jack Russell mix, turned into Madison County Animal Services by someone who found her near death in Venice, Illinois.

“She wants to be held constantly,” said Alex Bauer, a Partners 4 Pets volunteer who’s nursing Trudy back to health. Bauer first saw her Trudy Tuesday at the animal hospital where she works.

“I fell in love with her. She’s just the sweetest dog. I feel so bad for her with everything that she’s been through and I just wanted her to have a warm bed for Christmas,” she said.

Lead rescuer Sara Tomer said Trudy shows signs that someone taped her mouth shut, which she said can be a common practice in using a small dog to train a larger dog to attack.

“The bait dog’s role is to either teach the pit bulls to kill or to build their stamina so when actually they do get into the fighting ring they are able to fight as long as they’re needed to,” Tomer said.

Trudy also appears to have many puncture wounds. Tomer suspects the dog may have come from a training ground for an upcoming event.

“If they’re preparing the dogs to fight, most likely there is going to be one that is going to go on shortly or in the near future,” Tomer said.

They hope tips about where Trudy came from, could stop it.

“Someone has to know about this dog,” Tomer said.

Trudy shows a strong will to get better as she doesn’t settle for just staying in the arms of Bauer. She explored the yard with curiosity during our visit

“There is hope. The first day we were hoping for the best but expecting the worst, but she’s doing much better than she was the first day,” Bauer said.

The rescue group hopes awareness may prevent future abuse by sending the message “people are watching.” If you have any information, call the Venice Police Department at 618-877-2114 or contact Partners 4 Pets on or at 618-540-PETS.

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