Love, warm weather blooms on Christmas in St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KTVI)- T`was the day of Christmas and all through St. Lou...Most families were antsy and looking for something to do.

Who needs Christmas in July six months from now, when weather-wise it felt almost like summer. That`s why St. Louisans were getting in the great outdoors. I`ll have a blue skies Christmas might be the thoughts of many on a merry Christmas day. Most were doing all right without a Christmas in white. Some spent the day playing fetch with Fido.

At Creve Coeur Lake some were cycling, jogging or just basking in the bright sunny skies with temperatures hitting 52 degrees by afternoon.

Meanwhile in Forest Park, it was a picture perfect day to try out those new Christmas presents like the drones and hover boards.
But a very old fashioned thing happened at the start of our interview.

'We`re out in the park enjoying ourselves and I brought her out here for a very special occasion,' says Daniel Hamilton bending down on one knee.
'I`d like to present to you and ask you to marry me,' says Hamilton as Janette Hamilton begins to clap.

'Oh,' says Janette Hamilton jumping up and down. 'Yes, yes, yes.'

The two have been together for 25 years but Daniel wanted to ask his wife to re-marry him on Christmas Day.

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