Arnold residents still waiting for floodwaters to recede

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ARNOLD, MO (KTVI) - Homes are still covered with water on some Arnold streets. The Meramec River reached its crest Thursday, but it’s not clear when the water will recede enough for homeowners to assess the damage.

“Some people have complete damage,” said Arnold resident John Thompson. “They’ve lost their homes.”

The Voney family has several feet of water inside their home. They plan on spending New Year’s Eve in a hotel.

“It sucks,” said Shawn Voney. “Especially this close after Christmas and so close to New Year. We just grabbed some clothes and stuff to last us at least a couple days, hoping that it will go down.”

Help has come from unlikely sources. Sandbagging efforts included help from Bill Davids, a tourist from Minnesota.

“It’s very rewarding,” said Davids.

“We appreciate all the help from everybody,” said Thompson. “It’s been great, but we still have a long way to go.”