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Munich train stations evacuated over concerns of possible terror plans

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Hauptbahnhof Station in Munich, September 2015. (Courtesy: Mattes, Wikimedia Commons)

Two train stations in Munich, Germany, were evacuated and train service stopped on New Year’s Eve, a spokesman for the Munich police said, citing concerns of a possible terror plot.

Police have received “concrete information that strongly indicates that there are possible plans for terror attacks in Munich, specifically against the main train station and the railway station in (the western district of) Pasing.”

Munich police said officials had deemed the information about the threat of an attack on New Year’s Eve as serious and credible.

Authorities told the public additional officers were being called in to find possible suspects.

Police are also asking the public to stay away from large gatherings.

By Steve Almasy and Stefan Simons, CNN

CNN’s Frederik Pleitgen and Margot Haddad contributed to this report.