Strangers come together to save homes from the flood

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ARNOLD, MO (KTVI) - You could barely get into Arnold Thursday as the Meramec River crept across Lemay Ferry Road. Once inside the city, we found strangers from across the country—yes, country—coming together in the struggle to save homes.

Some residents were pumping away water from underground. That’s because sewage became a bigger concern in some spots, after a city pump station generator flooded just before 5 p.m. Wednesday.

“I had to scramble to get a lot of things going and get it pumping out as fast as I could,” resident John Garner said. “I had a lot of help come down and build a little wall downstairs to keep it contained into one little area.”

Garner thinks he barely saved his home. Some of his neighbors are underwater. In some places, you can see sandbag walls now surrounded by Meramec River water.

Yet people continue digging to help. We found a group of people who weren’t residents. They were volunteers meeting each other for the first time.

“Strangers getting together and trying to make it a little better here and do what we can,” Katie Holman said.

Volunteers like Bill Davids and his wife, who got stuck here while driving from Minnesota to Texas. They changed their plans after hearing news reports.

“I heard about this and decided to stop here, spent five hours last night trying to get to town. The roads are all blocked, got frustrated, went to a hotel, got a room, so here we are,” Davids said.