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Why do we eat black eyed peas for New Year’s?

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) -- You've most likely heard that a traditional southern New Year's dish includes black eyed peas and collared greens! Twist reporter Kenny Lopez got schooled on this tradition from a grandma who recently won a reality show on the Food Network.

Anne Leonard, a chef at the New Orleans School of Cooking was recently featured on the Food Network show, "Clash of the Grandmas" and she ended up winning first place. Her prize was $10-thousand dollars. Leonard is a grandmother to 5 kids. One of them, Shelby passed away, so she decided to donate $5-thousand dollars to a mission in Haiti named in her granddaughter's honor, called "Shelby's Mission".

"I think Shelby was up there right next to God when I was on the show telling God to let me win, so I won," she said.

Anne is a Chef champion, and her winning recipes are proof. For New Year's, she likes to make the traditional dishes of black eyed peas and collared greens.