How to avoid flooded roads during your commute

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - While the clean up continues in several communities, thousands of drivers are preparing to hit the road for work Monday for this first time since the flood. MoDOT said at a news conference Sunday that most motorists should have a fast and drier commute, but it will still be slow going in some areas for the time being.

MoDOT says all the interstates in the region are back open except one southbound lane of Interstate 55. That's staying closed while they clean up the sand barrels.

In all, 48 roads were shut down because of the flooding in the St. Louis region.
Now just 11 roads of closed, many affecting Jefferson County and the Alton area. MoDOT has already been on the hunt for flood damage to the state roads and interstates.

Check MoDOT's map of the latest traffic conditions here:

Check the latest traffic conditions here:

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