Ballwin offers map to track snow plow progress

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BALLWIN, MO (KTVI) - The City of Ballwin calls it a plow in progress map.  A color coded map on the city’s website  gives residents an opportunity to see which streets have recently been plowed.

Public Works Director Gary Kramer says the city uses the map to monitor its snow plowing efforts, and to make sure every Ballwin maintained street gets plowed.

“We don’t want to miss anybody,” said Kramer. Citizens can also gauge whether their street will be plowed by tracking color changes on the map. A green colored street on the map indicates it was plowed within the past 4 hours. Yellow represents a street plowed within 8 hours, and red represents a street plowed within 12 hours.

The color updates are made thanks to a sensor connected to the plows. The sensor is only activated when the plow is lowered. It does not send updates when streets are treated with salt. The city tested the equipment last year but it wasn’t perfect.

“We’re going to keep monitoring and if we have issues with it, we’re going to contact the provider and get those worked out,” Kramer said.

Kramer says the technology allows the city to know where each plow is located at all times. Kramer says the city spent approximately $12,600 for the equipment and $525 on a warranty. He said the annual cost of operating the system consists of a satellite user fee of approximately $2,516.

See the map here: